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  • Smart University Matching
  • Advanced Application Management
  • Inspiring Career Planning
  • Unlimited Universities Resources
  • Multifunctional Cloud Services
  • Instant AI Support
Smart University Matching

BestieU powers the university application and recommends suitable undergraduate programmes, by analysing students’ personal profiles and preferences.

Advanced Application Management

BestieU builds up an advanced application and management portfolio to students, and their parents can also easily track the application by scanning the QR code.

Inspiring Career Planning

BestieU provides insights and industry trends from real-life businesses to help students to explore their career pathways in advance.

Unlimited Universities Resources

BestieU enables easy access for its users to more than 1000 universities details in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US, with latest information for 123,300 programmes and 500 university rankings.

Multifunctional Cloud Services

BestieU aims to bring innovative and bespoke services to each student, with the security of a relaxing and efficient application experience.

  • Top Tutors

    Our Top Tutors are all from G5 and Ivy League universities, and their dedicated 1 to 1 tutorials help the applicants to become part of their communities.

  • Experienced Foreign Admission Advisors

    Our experienced admission advisors are all from the UK, US, Canada and Australia, and they provide extraordinary advice on the development of application materials for each student.

  • Application and Visa Experts

    A professional team of experts who have 3 years working experience and servicing over 5000 students for their university and visa applications annually

Instant AI Support

BestieU’s AI support will assist you anytime when you have a problem with your application.

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